Twins Sign Amaurys Minier

It has long been reported, and now it is official: On the first day of the international FA signing period the Twins have signed 16 year old Dominican SS Amaurys Minier for $1.4 million, according to Baseball America’s Ben Badler. Minier ranked 12th on BA’s top international prospects available.

I gave a mini scouting report on Minier last week when I did my July 2 primer, and I’ll re-hash a bit of it below, with a couple of light edits:

Minier is a 6’2″, 200 lb shortstop who is a shortstop pretty much in name only at this point. Scouts are in near universal agreement that his frame will portend a move to third base, and his bat is what teams are really after. If it sounds a lot like Miguel Sano to you, perhaps you know why the Twins are so interested in Minier. Though he doesn’t have good range, and won’t in the future, scouts say he has soft hands and a rocket arm, making it more likely that he will be able to stick at 3B (though Sano has gotten more positive reports for his hands this year as well, so who knows).

Minier is currently a switch hitter, though he’s much better from the left side currently (scouts do say he can generate the same bat speed and power from both sides of the plate). He’s struggled against breaking balls thus far, but he’s a 16 year old kid and thus there are much worse sins to have at that age. Speaking of youngster sins, he can get pull happy at times, but he’s also shown good power to both alleys. Minier has a lot of holes in his swing that needs to get fixed, but he’s also probably one of the highest ceiling guys on the international FA market.


2 comments on “Twins Sign Amaurys Minier

  1. Twins fan says:

    Thanks for the info on Minier. On the money part, he recieves around 1.5 million and Hageman says the Twins have approximately 1.4 million left. Is there a cap on the amount a team can spend on the international signings?

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