Twins Sign Luke Bard

I didn’t have internet access when it happened so you’ll have to forgive me for being late, but the Twins have inked their supplemental first rounder Luke Bard, who signed for the recommended pick slot of 1.227 million.

Bard is the brother of Red Sox pitcher Daniel Bard and he was a great pitcher out of the Georgia Tech bullpen this year when he pitched. The problem was he didn’t pitch much as he tore an arm muscle in March. I think it was a bit early to take Bard given the injury history, but if he does show that he’s healthy he could be a good pick. The Twins plan on converting him into a starter, where he hit 97 this year (as a starter) and has a plus slider. Mike Radcliff has said that he thinks Bard could develop a good changeup as well. Bard’s ceiling is probably that of a #2 starter, but there’s a good possibility he ends up in short relief as well.

With Bard signing, the Twins are 208,500 under budget according to Baseball America, and their highest drafted unsigned pick is Christian Powell, a right handed pitcher out of the College of Charleston.


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