Twins Sign Second Rounder Chargois

The Twins have continued their draft signings, inking Rice reliever JT Chargois for a $712,600 bonus according to Baseball America’s Jim Callis. That is the full pick value, which strikes me as a little dumb to give to a college reliever, but who knows. It seems they could save 100k or so and give an extra  post 10th rounders 200k.

In any event, Chargois profiles as a back end of the bullpen type, and hopefully a high leverage guy. He has a slider that scouts say should be a plus pitch and a fastball that touches 98. His main drawback is that he was also an every day player for Rice and is relatively new to pitching. It’s good in the sense that he has a fresh arm, but he could be the rare college reliever that takes a bit to get to the big leagues. However, concerns about his mechanics and his high effort delivery pretty much demand he gets to the big leagues in a hurry.

I hate taking college relievers early, but Baseball America ranked him 77th before the draft and if he develops into a good high leverage reliever who they can have on the cheap for 6 years (or 4 or 5 before trading him for prospects) he will have definitely been worth the pick.


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